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Merch & M Mat


Site Analysis

Analysis of specific retail and restaurant site locations and determination of the strengths and weaknesses as they relate to visibility, accessibility, and proximity to traffic generators.

Analysis of retail/restaurant project configuration relating to customer access, traffic flow, and parking.


Analysis of retail/restaurant project configuration relating to tenant operations.


Analysis and determination of visual impact of retail/restaurant projects including overall appearance, visibility, storefront design, and signage.


Research and input to develop design criteria and construction specifications for exhaust ducts, grease traps, garbage storage and removal, outdoor seating, as well as capacities and location of water and sewer, electrical, gas, etc.

Project Development

Merchandise Mix Plans

Analysis and determination of merchandise mix, marketing plan and tenant placement.

Marketing Materials

Input for development of project marketing materials, including renderings, plans, demographic information etc. for distribution to prospective purchasers and tenants.

Input for development of timetable as well as cost and budget for site work, base building work and allowances.


Development of sales and leasing budget/proforma's for retail/restaurant projects to include sales prices, rental rates, escalations, allowances, base building finish, concessions, expenses, and timing for sales and lease-up based on Landlord's cost, desired return, and external market conditions.

Market Analysis


Determination of the economic and/or financial feasibility of hospitality related services.


Analysis of the potential for repositioning and/or concept modification for existing retail/restaurant uses.

Mktg Mat
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